What are some good sea shanties? 3 Mar,2023

Sea shanties have a long and fascinating history. They are traditional maritime songs that were sung by sailors while performing tasks on ships. These songs often tell stories of life at sea, and the lyrics often reflect the hard work and camaraderie of life on the ocean. They were originally sung to help keep sailors motivated and in rhythm while performing arduous tasks such as hoisting sails and hauling anchors.

Some of the most popular sea shanties include "Shenandoah," "Leave Her Johnny," "Blow the Man Down," and "What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?" Each of these songs has its own unique story and lyrics, and even today, they are still sung by sailors. In recent years, sea shanties have become popular among non-sailors, and they have been featured in movies and television shows.

If you're interested in exploring sea shanties, there are many websites and books available that provide lyrics and history. Additionally, there are a number of recordings of sea shanties available, which are a great way to experience the songs firsthand. Exploring sea shanties is a great way to learn more about the history and culture of the sea.

Sea shanties are one of the oldest forms of traditional music, often sung by sailors during their long voyages. They have become popular again in recent years, with many people gathering in bars, pubs, and even online to sing these nautical songs in a group. But with so many sea shanties out there, how do you find the best ones for group singing? Here’s a guide to some of the greatest sea shanties of all time.

“Blow the Man Down”

This traditional tune is one of the most popular sea shanties around, and it is often used to kick off a shanty sing-along. It is a call-and-response song, with a leader singing the verse and the group joining in on the chorus. It has been widely covered by various artists, including Bob Dylan, the Dubliners, and even the Muppets.

“Drunken Sailor”

This is another classic shanty, which tells the story of a sailor who has had one too many drinks and is trying to get back to his ship. It is an upbeat tune that is great for getting everyone in the group singing. The chorus is especially easy to remember and sing along to.

“Leave Her, Johnny”

This is a traditional shanty that was sometime performed in a jig-like style. It tells the story of a sailor who must leave his love behind, and it is full of longing and regret. It is quite a sad song but it is often accompanied by cheerful instrumentation, which makes it a great choice for group singing.

“What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?”

This is a timeless classic that is often used to close out a shanty session. It is a lively tune with a simple melody that is easy to learn, and the chorus is especially easy to remember. It is often accompanied by hand claps and foot stomping, which makes it even more enjoyable to sing.

These are just some of the best sea shanties for group singing. Whether you’re in a pub or singing online, these songs will get everyone in the group singing along. So why not gather your friends and give these classic shanties a try?

Sea shanties have been around for centuries and have been used to pass time and set a rhythm for sailors during long voyages. But what exactly is a shanty? A shanty is a type of folk song that is traditionally sung by sailors at sea, usually during hard manual labor on board a ship. They typically have a call-and-response structure, with one sailor singing the lead and the others repeating the chorus. The lyrics usually reflect the sailors’ experiences, feelings and attitudes as well as their hopes, fears and dreams.

The origins of sea shanties are not well documented, but it is believed that they originated in the 18th century when British, French, and American sailors would sing the songs to pass the time and keep up their spirits during long voyages. Sea shanties were also used to set a rhythm that would keep the sailors in sync with each other as they worked on the ship. The songs would often be about the sea, love, and life on board the ship.

Today, there are many classic sea shanties that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of the most popular sea shanties include “Rolling Home to Old New England,” “Shenandoah,” and “Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her.” These songs are a reminder of the hard work and dedication that the sailors gave to their ships, and they can still be enjoyed by modern day sailors and landlubbers alike.

Sea shanties have been around for centuries, tracing their origins back to the 1700s when sailors sang them to keep time while they worked on the deck of a ship. Today, these working songs have become popular thanks to their appearances in movies, TV shows, and music. But what is the cultural significance of sea shanties?

Sea shanties were a way of life for sailors, who spent months at a time at sea. They were a way of venting their feelings, expressing their joys and sorrows, and relieving the boredom of long days at sea. They provided an opportunity for sailors to bond and form a sense of camaraderie, which was an essential part of life in the days before technology. Some of the most popular shanties include “Rolling Home to Old New England,” “Haul Away Joe,” and “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?”

The themes of the shanties are reflective of the lives of the sailors who sang them. Many of them tell tales of the hardships of life at sea, such as storms, poor food, and the dangers of being at sea. Others celebrate the joys of life, such as homecoming and the companionship of fellow sailors. The lyrics also give us a glimpse of the attitudes of sailors towards their work and the risks they took in pursuit of a better life.

Sea shanties have become popular in recent years, but their cultural significance should not be forgotten. They are an important part of maritime culture and a reminder of the struggles and joys of life on the high seas.

Sea shanties have been around for centuries, but recently they’ve been making a big comeback in popular culture. From the viral singing of traditional shanties on the high seas to modern renditions of these classic tunes, sea shanties have become a beloved part of modern music culture.

The revival of sea shanties can be seen everywhere from TikTok to the top of the charts. In 2020, the song “Wellerman” by Scottish group The Longest Johns became a huge hit. It was followed by a series of other modern sea shanties, such as “The Scotsman” by The Chaps and “Leave Her Johnny” by Nathan Evans.

These modern sea shanties have been a huge hit with listeners, and it’s no surprise why. The catchy tunes and easy-to-learn lyrics make them great for singing along to. Plus, the upbeat melodies and lyrical nostalgia make them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a good song to start a party or just something to listen to while you’re out on the open sea, sea shanties have something for everyone.

If you’re looking for some good sea shanties to listen to, you’re in luck. There are plenty of modern renditions of traditional shanties that you can listen to. Check out the Longest Johns’ “Wellerman”, The Chaps’ “The Scotsman”, and Nathan Evans’ “Leave Her Johnny”. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, you can find plenty of traditional sea shanties on streaming services or on YouTube.

So whether you’re looking for a fun tune to sing along to or just something to listen to while you’re out on the open sea, sea shanties are making a big comeback in popular culture. So why not join in on the fun and give one of these classic tunes a listen?

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